Elite Youth Sports Clubs


Training and Consultancy

Our training programmes have two goals,  one is to make sure that safeguarding professionals have easy access to professional development and can keep up to date with legislation and other statutory requirements.   The other objective is to provide a space for those responsible for the welfare of young people to share our knowledge and experience with each other, so that we can all learn and continuously improve our practice.  

We offer a wide range of training programmes to suit all abilities and all courses have been tailored to meet the needs of elite sports environment.

If you are looking for more one to one support then our safeguarding consultants can help you with every sort of task, from setting up effective safeguarding procedures from scratch to helping you review and improve current practices.

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Personal Mentoring

Personal mentoring is designed to support and develop safeguarding professionals at every stage of their career.  Mentoring takes place as a one to one relationship.  We'll help you build your skills and confidence, and be on call to help out with day to day questions about your role and responsibilities.

An important benefit of personal mentoring is that we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  So you can always get an expert opinion when you need one urgently.

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 Host Family Management

The host family environment is for many young elite sports players their first taste of being away from home.  It is important therefore that the host family and the academy do all they can to ensure the safety, welfare and pastoral care of the young person. Parents also will want to be assured that their child will be given the opportunity to develop and thrive in a caring and nurturing environment.

We are experienced in providing a wide range of services to help elite sports academies manage the accomodation arrangements for their youth players.  Our consultants can provide safeguarding training for host families and co-ordinators,  prepare independent  audits of host family accommodation and provide practical advice and support to create safe environments for their young players.

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