SafeClub provides safeguarding training and advice to community sports and activity clubs for young people, from dance and music groups to elite sports clubs. 

Introducing SafeClub

Developing the next generation of safeguarding experts is at the heart of everything we do. It's about mentoring, teaching and empowering you to make positive changes to keep the children in your care safe.

Meet the team

SafeClub mentors and trainers have a wealth of experience and expertise, coming  from law enforcement and social services backgrounds.  We also work with a dedicated team of specially trained local Safeguarding Ambassadors who are on hand to give you advice and guidance specifically about your club.  More >


How we work?

We are working to establish safeguarding standards across all youth sports and activity clubs.  In line with the work of the International Safeguarding in Sport  we want all clubs from community to elite sports clubs to adopt safe working practices and follow internationally recognised standards.  We do this by:-

Drawing (18)   offering safeguarding training and support
Drawing (18)   providing resources and sharing good practice
Drawing (18)  mentoring staff and volunteers to develop knowledge and confidence in making the right decisions
Drawing (18)  raising awareness of good practice with parenting organisations so they know they are making safe
      choices for their children.

Working together we can create safer environments for young people 


At SafeClub we believe every child has the right to learn and play sports and activities, in a safe and caring environment.  We want to make this a reality and with your help  we can make a difference.

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"The Rights of the Child should be at the heart of everything we do. At every level in sport, everyone has a responsibility to ensure that children are free to express themselves in an environment that is safe from harm and they have access to high quality, inclusive and ultimately safe sport.”
Lord Coe